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The Phoenix Suns is planning for a big push towards postseason success with a lot of games remaining to be played in the desert. This means that the Suns will need all of their “A” players to be able to participate in each of these crucial games. If there is a slip up in any one area, it could jeopardize a chance at a championship in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter. Here is what we expect from the Suns in the final stretch run:


The Phoenix Suns’ biggest win came away against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Staples Center in the NBA finals last year. Even with a substandard roster and a lot of question marks as to their ability to consistently put forth a competitive effort, the Suns were able to defeat the Lakers in five games. Obviously they have had a ton of experience playing against the Lakers, but they will have to do it again this time around. Their schedule includes four more games scheduled against the Sacramento Kings, the Denver Nuggets, the Utah Jazz, and the Houston Rockets.


If the Suns are going to keep up their winning pace, they will need to find a way to put the talented but unproven Eric Bledsoe into prime minutes. Bledsoe has been very inconsistent as a player, and he is coming off of a career year where he put up historic numbers as a starter for the Phoenix Suns. The guy’s efficiency has improved every year he’s been in the NBA, and he should continue to be a major factor in the Phoenix Suns offense. Unfortunately, the Suns haven’t exactly been running the offense efficiently this season. They rank 16th in the league in points per possession, but they have been outscored by a wide margin in both wins and losses.


If the Phoenix Suns is going to turn things around in the near future, they will need to be better in all areas of the team. That means they need to improve at all points in the backcourt if they want to have any chance of detaching from the Los Angeles Lakers and stealing the top spot in the Western Conference. The Lakers are still the superior team, but the Suns have a chance to prove themselves to be the best of the bunch over the next two months. It starts with the Phoenix Suns schedule for February 21st.


The Suns are one of only two teams in the NBA’s Western Conference that has not played a game yet that has a real shot at the top spot. The Los Angeles Lakers sits atop the Pacific Division with the Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs, but the Houston Thunder is only a half game behind. The Phoenix Suns could certainly make the playoffs as a seven or eight, but the Lakers and Spurs are certainly within reach of each other. If they face off against the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs, then the possibility of the Suns taking the West should definitely increase.


If the Suns are going to make any kind of noise in the NBA, then they need to have the best players on the team. That is what makes the Phoenix Suns schedule for February 21st so important. The team has to get Chris Paul and Goran Dragic back healthy, but they also have to hope Eric Bledsoe can put his offensive game on full display again and produce some key buckets down the road. Phoenix has to hope that Evan Turner and Markieff Morris can form a dynamic duo, while rookies Marquise Moore and T.J. Ford develop some chemistry with each other, too. The most important thing, though, is to just keep playing good basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers is a talented team, but they are without a true number one player, which is why they are sitting pretty at the bottom of the Western Conference.


For the Heat, it is very important to continue their winning streak, especially after last night’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Miami has been playing the game with pace and energy, but they just can’t seem to win when they aren’t playing in their zone. They have lost three straight and need someone to take them into victory, whether it is Al Harrington or rookie forward Justise Winslow. The Phoenix Suns are the perfect team to take the Heat to the finals, but only if they play the right style of basketball.


Last season was an example of how a team can rise to the occasion, despite not having a superstar or a proven playoff performer. The Suns did this by playing big and fast and taking charge during the fourth quarter. The Heat were simply too old and overwhelmed by the huge advantage they enjoyed throughout the game. If the Suns can come into this series with the confidence that they have earned, as well as the ability to defend against the fast paced Heat, they have a much better chance of knocking the Heat out of the playoffs. Phoenix should be one of the favorites in the league, and if they play like they have in the past, there is no reason why they can’t defeat the Miami Heat and take the longest winning streak in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

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