Paks Vs Eng – 3rd ODI Series

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The ongoing I Love Pakistan Vs England ITC series has been going on since the previous editions a decade back. Cricket fans have always loved this match because it gives them an opportunity to see their beloved players in action. The other side is also full of all-round talent. However, England won the first two games by a huge margin. It took Pakistan some time to get back on track but finally they got good momentum after winning against England in the final match. Now both teams have a lot to gain if they want to win this ITC series.


In the first two matches, Pakistan team did not perform up to their abilities as they were not able to win any game. However, they managed to win one game and that was against a top bowling nation in the world – West Indies. Cricket world cup 2021 is due to be held in the West Indies and this could be the opportunity for Pakistan to build up some momentum and win against the top English sides. Only Australia has a better record in ITC and it is their only ITC title.


Pakistan is now in an extremely difficult situation. They need a big confidence boost and one way to do that is by beating the very top teams in the world. But there are some risks involved because beating the top teams can only be possible when all their top players are fit and playing at their best. So this is the biggest test that Pakistan team officials will have to face this ITC season.


Right now, England is in the lead after two matches. Both these teams have their own strengths and weaknesses. This is why this ITC match has been such an important match. Two experienced cricketers, Alastair Cook and Michael Yarde have been chosen in the three-day tri-series and both have impressed everyone with their performances so far.


While Cook has picked up pace in the one day format, Yarde has picked up the pace in the Twenty20s. Yarde’s century in the first two Odissey matches helped to put Pakistan on the map and pave their way to the semi-finals. Currently, Pakistan has only a single player in the top ten for runs made behind the wickets. If the pace of Alastair Cook continues at the same rate that he has been at, Pakistan could well end up in the semi-finals.


There is no doubt about the fact that the social media has had a major impact on this match. Everyone from fans of both sides have been talking about it on social media. It seems that the die hard fans of Pakistan have turned their backs on the Paks and have turned their backs on Alastair Cook as well. There is a huge sense of disappointment at the present situation and the recent trend of Pakistani cricket followers expressing their condolences for the loss of Alastair Cook and his family. It is evident that fans are not happy with this latest news and want to see their countrymen win the toss in their favor.


Right now the social media world seems to be doing exactly what a cricket fan wants them to do. They are using it to keep in touch with their favorite players and fans, as well as update about the latest developments on the field. It is evident that fans are happy about the news that Pakistan has won the toss and are expecting the win to be delivered in the next overs. Whether this is a good or bad thing is not known till we see how the team plays in the next 3rd ODI vs England.

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