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image holi

Image holi is the Indian terminology for “image of love” and is celebrated on the second day of Vrindavan, the main Diwali festival. The festival is celebrated in the colors of red, white and blue and also includes many other decorative and rich colors. The gifts are arranged according to the colors on the cloth used for the whole celebration. It is believed by many that it is an auspicious festival in which the love-filled image of Lord Krishna is displayed.


Images like the Luddai (a floral image representing Lord Krishna), the Kada (an elephant), the Buddha (bodice), the Veerana (a boat) and other such images are gifted to loved ones as a gift of love and worship. Holi is also seen as the season in which Lord Krishna comes back after his eight year long absence. Images related to the season and the time period of the festival give a unique charm to this beautiful Indian festival. Gifts of sweets, dry fruits and other items make special offerings on this special occasion.


Images of children, parents, brothers and sisters form the major part of the holi gifts. One can choose among the hundreds of images depicting kids, parents, sisters and brothers in their best possible colors. These gifts will be greatly appreciated by the relatives of these individuals and they will always be remembered by the receiver.


Images of Rani, Hanuman and other divine beings are found in abundance. They are also considered as the embodiment of pureness of heart. One can also gift these images to close friends and relatives. Gifts made out of these beautiful colors are a perfect gift for everyone. They go with any outfit and can match well with different kinds of dresses.


The most preferred gift for holi is the image of Lord Krishna. These images depict him wearing the yellow boonkesh, fighting the demon Balabhadra and making the Kriya Yatra. Apart from gifting laddus, you can also gift some lord Krishna inspired text books. The colors associated with the lord Krishna are green and red. The yellow colors represent truth and the red colors are linked with power and purity.


One can also present sweets in the form of chocolates in the form of sweets sticks or in the form of small cakes. These sweets can be obtained from any sweets shop in or around the city. Gift boxes adorned with colorful candles are also a favorite choice amongst people.


You can present dry fruits in the form of dry mangoes, cashews, walnuts and pine nuts. You can also gift sweetened water in the form of a bottle and a small container. The recipient of these gifts will be truly delighted and will keep the sweets always handy at all times.


One of the most amazing part about Holi gifts is that the color of the gift matters a lot. The gifts which come in shades of red like the ones mentioned above are more appropriate to celebrate this holy occasion. The color of the gift also reflects the importance and joy that the person on whom the gift is being given will feel on the day. Gifts in the form of small items can also be given along with sweets.


Red is considered to be the color of love so gifting someone with a red rose would be a great idea. It does not need to be a large amount; just a single red rose will convey your love and affection. Also, if you do not have time to deliver a gift to your dear one then gifting with a box of chocolates and a pack of cardamom is a good option. If you are looking to buy gifts for your parents then gifting with a picture of them will be a nice touch. Your parents will definitely love receiving these special gifts and you too will love the gesture.


When it comes to gifts for your friends and loved ones then gifting them traditional sweets, which include varieties like laddus and there, would be a good option. A sweet bouquet of flowers can also be given. Flowers and plants are considered to be very important during the Holi festival and hence buying or ordering these kinds of gifts is appropriate. You can also visit a local florist in your locality and order the flowers for your friends and relatives on the Holi day.


You can also show your love to your friends and family by sending them traditional sweets like laddus and kheer. These sweets can also be sent along with the Raslila Samrat to the other parts of India. The Holi festival is a time when people get emotionally closer to each other, and there is no better way to show your love to your family and friends than sending them beautiful sweets. So go ahead and celebrate Holi in the most colorful manner.

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