Rediscovering the Holiday Spirit With the Image Holi Season

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Image holi is a celebration of love and colors that comes on the last day of May. Holi is actually the Indian word for “good-bye.” On this special day many Indian states celebrate their unique cultures, customs, religions, and histories by decorating their bodies with traditional colors. Holi is celebrated in most parts of India except for Andhra Pradesh, where it is observed as Dusshera. It has become a very important festival for the people of these areas.

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The main reason for celebrating this special day is to pray for loved ones back home. Indians hold on to strong religious beliefs. Holi is a time to honor deceased ancestors, holy persons, and other respected persons who played an important role in Indian history and culture. The colors associated with this occasion are particularly deep and rich.


Indians generally use a variety of colors for preparing food. Some eat foods prepared with red and white colors, while others prefer to eat foods that are well-cooked in shades of yellow. There is also a strong religious conviction attached to the celebration. Images of Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi can be found everywhere. Pictures of Rama and Claus are common as well.


According to traditional Hindu beliefs, Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi created earth and heaven. The earth was completed with rivers, plants, and animals. On the final day of creation, Lord Krishna took his beloved wife Goddess Lakshmi and went on a divine journey. They arrived at the corners of the world where they were seated in ecstasy.


It is believed that when Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi sat down, they emitted rays of light that touched the hearts of those nearest to them. This light was known as “Nishchitar” or “God’s love.” People were then able to come to understand the depth of their love for each other. The essence of their love could then be expressed through acts of compassion on one another. This led to family bonding, building of up of trust, and eventually the creation of an image that symbolizes their union.


Since red is the primary color used in this celebration, it is considered to be the most auspicious color. However, white, pink, and other non-red colors have also been used in creating an image of love and unity. Since these colors are believed to be representative of gentleness and joy, these are also given as gifts during the Image Holi festival.


Gifts associated with Holi festival range from simple items like sweetmeats and grains to beautiful decorative pieces like small statues and paintings. It is believed that images of Rahu and Krishna would bring happiness and prosperity to the recipients. One of the most important parts of the traditional festival is Dahi Handi or painting. This is followed by a number of functions including exchange of sweets between friends and relatives, donation of food and clothes to the needy, and the lighting of candles. Fire is also traditionally used to frighten away evil spirits, and to celebrate the coming of the new year.


The gifts that are given during the occasion can be anything that the receiver likes or desires. However, most people prefer to choose something that represents love and harmony. The best choice will always be a gift or container that has red in it. Images like the Rahu and the lord Ganesha, or images that depict some aspects of Lord Krishna are very popular.


In addition to sweets and grains, other gifts such as clothing and home decor are also used during the festival. There are also special colors and paints that are used to decorate the house walls. These colors are related to the season that is celebrated in that particular region, and there is also a tiered cloth used as a symbol of prosperity.


For some people, red Rice Bao stalls are also put up, and visitors can enjoy the traditional Indian meals while watching the colorful rice being cooked on a stick. Rice is considered to be the food of gods in Hinduism. So this dish becomes very important at the festival. Usually, red rice is used because of its association with the color of the goddess of wealth, Saraswatarishta.


The sweets and other items that are exchanged are usually made out of rice flour, which makes them rich in color. However, if you do not like to have rice, nuts and raisins are also acceptable alternatives. Whatever you use to decorate your house, the main objective is to buy and give gifts related to the season of Image Holi.

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