The image of Ganesha – A Perfect Way to Express Yourself on Holi

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A major reason behind Holi is the love and happiness that people feel on the occasion of getting together with their near and dear ones. People take time out to prepare delicious snacks for their family members as well as nice gifts for their loved ones. The gifts are special not only because of their colors but also due to the affection and feeling that they give. These simple, but meaningful images of love and happiness make these particular days unforgettable for all.

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Holi gifts come in various forms. There are colors and images that represent the true essence of this Indian festival and make excellent gift ideas. One can choose among a wide range of available colors for presenting any type of gift. The choice of colors depends on the taste of the person and the love that he or she shows towards his or her loved ones.


Red is the most popular color for the true essence of this special occasion. One can find several red colored Holi gifts that are perfect to be given to anyone. These include Holi colors such as the traditional red conch, a color associated with love. A conch shell with the image of Lord Krishna on it looks extremely beautiful when put on a silver tray.


Among the other available colors, pink and white are the two colors that make excellent gifts. Pink flowers look good when placed in small vases filled with sand. White sand on a purple cloth looks simply gorgeous. A combination of these two colors makes a wonderful gift idea that can be used for decorating an office space.


Another excellent type of image holi gift ideas is the ‘Larger Ganesha’ image. This is the same image as used in the ‘Bharata Niwas’ that was created at the end of the fourth century. This depicts the half-gods Ganesha seated on a mountain with a conch. This is considered as one of the most significant images of Lord Krishna. To create this miniature of Ganesha, images are painted in full color on wood.


In addition to gifting with images, wall hangings and photographs can also be chosen. There are several companies that offer this as a gift option. They give you a choice of painting the walls in any color you want and even choose between various sizes and shapes. These are suitable options if you want something that does not look too extravagant. If you have a little more money to splurge, you can purchase handmade paper crafts that depict Ganesha and the other Gods and Goddesses of your choice. The main ingredients used in making these paper crafts are silk and rice thread.


You can also choose from a number of gift options like the ‘Ganesha Ganesha Cup’, ‘Ganesha Sterling Silver Framed Lamp’ and ‘Bhakti Murals’. These gifts are made out of items that are very dear to you. The Ganesha Sterling silver frame can be a perfect gift for someone who loves flowers and photography. The lamp is an ideal gift for someone who loves art and music.


Another way of getting inspired by the festival is by searching the internet. There are many companies which offer a huge range of Ganesha jewelry. These include bangles, necklaces and other Indian jewelry that look very attractive. Other accessories such as wall hangings, sand paintings and photo frames are also available at reasonable rates. These gifts will make anyone remember the important moments in his life.


One should not just focus on Ganesha and Holi alone. One should also make a wish for all the people who have lost their dear ones. This wish will be fulfilled when you buy Ganesha related accessories such as Ganesha Murals and Ganesha Edifices. These decorative pieces can be used as a part of adorning the walls and exteriors of the homes. They will also prove to be useful during Holi.


Many people are a bit hesitant to buy Ganesha Murals due to its association with Lord Ganesha, the elephant-like god. But in reality, these images are inspired by the attributes of Lord Ganesha and are also designed to resemble him. Such image are found in temples across India. There are also some artists who portray the attributes of Lord Ganesha in stone.


For example, if you choose to make a Ganesha image, then the image can either be made in clay or can be made using metal. There are many advantages associated with Ganesha Murals. Apart from depicting the image of Lord Ganesha, it is also imbued with different ideas and sentiments that help in expressing one’s love for the Mother Nature.

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