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image holi

Image holi is a special part of the Hindu calendar and it commemorates the joyous occasion of giving and receiving gifts. Holi is known to be the season of colors as the colors are associated with good luck and prosperity for different aspects of the Indian society. This festival is celebrated with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm across the country. While different parts of India celebrate this festival in different ways, the colors of holi are generally the same all across the country.


Holi is also known as the Indian Christmas and it falls on the 5th November of the Indian lunar calendar. The image of Goddess Lakshmi or the God Shiva and Virgin Mary are the most widely believed to have created this special occasion. Images of the two holy personalities are displayed on the sacred ground where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. The colored drops or powder of holi are also offered to her. It is believed that these drops act as a blessing by bringing the holy images close to the devotees.


This festival draws people from miles apart from their homes. It is one of the biggest gatherings of Hindus in the year and millions of tourists from all corners of India gather here. The image of the Goddess Lakshmi is displayed in many places and temples across the country during holi. Some other images of Lord Shiva and other Hindu Gods are also painted on the walls and pavements. Colors are used extensively in the holi festival as purple, yellow and red are the main colors of this festival. The traditional colors of holi are maroon, orange and red.


Many artists who are experts in holi drawing have also become famous because of their beautiful and colorful images of the holi dresses and the holi powder offered to the Goddess. They have painted such amazing pictures that it seems that they have been lifted straight from the imagination of a child. The demand for these types of images has increased with every increasing popularity of home among masses.


Holi is one of the most important festivals for the Indian people. They express happiness and love for each other and wish each other a happy married life. Images of water flushing down the rivers with the picture of goddess Lakshmi are very common in the holi painting and they are loved and admired by the people. Images of Lord Shiva and his consort Radha and her lover Parashu are also very popular. The painting of the Sun, the Moon and the angels is also a very significant part of the holi artwork. These art works have a special significance and people prefer to have these paintings in their home halls and offices.


Most of the artists use western style of painting in their holi paintings because they feel the westerners are not good enough to understand the culture of India as well as portray colors and images properly in the western style of painting. There is no specific technique that the artist adopts for rendering the images of holi but he/she should use colors that can easily be understood by the eyes of the viewers. The main idea of holi painting is to portray happiness and love in the atmosphere of the environment and this cannot be achieved if the artist fails to adopt a western style of painting.


There are various techniques that can be adopted by the artists to portray the images of holi. But the artists who are good at it always use the same colors for all the objects. They also prefer to have the similar types of shades on different objects. So for example, all the picture of the girls or all the objects related to the earth will have similar colors with each other and the effect of these colors is seen clearly in the painting.


There are some companies which provide holi paintings and other related items to the clients. These companies take pride of having such fantastic artists whose work is admired all over the world. Some of these companies also custom make the paintings and give them to their customers free of cost. So if you want to gift your loved one with the picture of love and happiness, image holi painting is what you should choose from the list of companies that provide these services.

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