England Vs Pakistan – The Road Ahead

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The Pakistan cricket team will be touring England in early July 2021 to participate in the ICC Cricket World Cup. The fixtures will be played in The Kolkata Cricket Stadium and The Oval. The Twenty20 International is scheduled to be played on The Oval. Both the tournaments are expected to generate huge profits for the PCB, especially if England perform well.


As it stands right now, Pakistan has about the same number of international players as England, but they lack a world class coach who has successfully led his team to victory in two Tests against Australia, albeit in two different formats. The PCB should seriously consider bringing in an experienced overseas coach with a proven record of success to mentor the underperforming Pakistan team. For the time being, their best option seems to be Shashank Manohar as the only available overseas coach.


The PCB hierarchy must be congratulated on appointing Shashank Manohar as the coach of the Pakistan team. He is undoubtedly one of the finest all round coaches in the world. As he has been appointed as the interim coach for the ongoing England vs Pakistan match, there is no time for panic by the PCB. They can breathe easy knowing that Manohar will guide the team effectively. He has a proven record of success as both a player and a coach.


The appointment of Manohar has come at a time when the PCB is desperately trying to regain their confidence in their cricketing system. There is no doubt that their performance in the last 15 days has not been good enough to retain the three formats. It was a close call however and given the situation that exists within the team, I can understand where they are coming from. They have a long term plan and are targeting the top four positions in the triangular tournament.


However, even with this advantage, it does not mean that they would be taking the trophy home easily. One must remember that this is the first ever competitive encounter between the countries. So far England has been the stronger side and has emerged as the more favourites to win the contest. They have a lot of momentum and confidence behind them. But Pakistan has the quality and the expertise in their side to win the one first odi match against the English.


Cricket world cup 2021 promises to be an exciting affair. There are many factors that will play a huge role on the outcome of this tournament. I believe that the batting and bowling conditions in the UAE have worsened over the last few months. So I expect the England vs. Pakistan t20i in the UAE in the first round of the championship.


I also believe that this will be a three games series which means that Pakistan will need to win all three matches to take a three-round victory over England. I also think that this will be a Pakistan v England match which will be very intense and thrilling. The fans are all excited about this competition. As I mentioned earlier the venue of this event is much awaited and with a live streaming of all the games on my blog from here in Pakistan, you can also follow all the action thus leading up to this event.


If England vs Pakistan can be a 3rd ODI series which means that Pakistan must win the first two matches to progress to the next phase, then I believe that the fans will go home happier than what they would have been with a Pakistan vs England match. However, I think that the overall standings will still favour Pakistan as they are the favorites and I also think that it will be a great opportunity for Pakistani cricket fans to witness a great game. Only thing is that I don’t think that this match will be decided by any great runs but I am pretty sure that it will be a very entertaining match and a good opportunity for cricket fans in Pakistan to witness a fantastic competition.

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