2021 NBA Western Conference finals – Los Angeles Lakers Vs Phoenix Suns

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The Phoenix Suns is in the midst of what may be a defining period in their franchise history. The Suns are a team on the rise, loaded with young talent and the leadership of a man known as “The King” coming off of his career year in Dallas. With the emergence of this new generation of players the question many have is, “How long can the Suns keep it together?”


The Phoenix Suns is in the middle of a very fascinating season, especially if you’re a fan of the purple and gold. They currently sit five games behind the Denver Nuggets in the Pacific Division and hold the number one overall seed. If the season ended today, the Suns would take home their first round draft pick in the NBA lottery. Many experts feel that Phoenix has the personnel to take advantage of this situation. However, the Los Angeles Clippers is also standing firmly above the competition at the moment, riding a twelve game winning streak to the season series. The Clips are a team without a lot of holes to plug, but rookie Brandon Roy might be the one to answer the call and take them to the NBA Finals.


Tonight is the first game of what could be a very interesting conference finals series. The Clippers are riding a four-game win streak, but the shorthanded Phoenix Suns is a force, even though they haven’t played a whole lot lately. The first half started with the teams trading shots back and forth, with the score tied at halftime. The game went into halftime tied at seven before the Suns finally scored with a free throw from rookie Andrell Irvin.


The Los Angeles Lakers has put themselves in a hole in the third quarter. They missed a couple of free throws, the Phoenix defense was unable to stop them, and the game was tied at eighty-one with no chance of winning. Los Angeles finally pulled ahead in the fourth quarter, but the Phoenix comeback just couldn’t be done. A desperation K.O. from Lucious missed the front end of the rim, and the buzzer sounded to seal the deal for the Los Angels Clipper’s victory.


The Phoenix Suns was not a match for the Los Angeles Clippers during the regular season. They lost by twenty points in their only other game, a meaningless exhibition against the Denver Nuggets. However, they sure came into this series prepared to compete in the playoffs. Tonight will prove to any basketball fan that the Los Angeles Clippers is a far greater team than the Phoenix Suns. They controlled the first quarter, to play the defending Western Conference finals champion Los Angeles Lakers. The shorthanded Phoenix Suns was outplayed by the quicker paced team from the west in every area.


Los Angeles was certainly out played in both games, the first one by a factor of four points, but the second one by a margin of twelve. The game was well controlled by the superior defensive efforts of the Los Angeles Clippers. Los Angeles was never able to score more than one point against the strong defense of the Phoenix Suns. The team that seemed to have no shortage of offensive talents in its starters simply did not have enough to defeat the depleted Los Angeles Lakers.


The Los Angeles Clippers will be back in the big show in the western conference finals. This time they will face the defending champion’s Phoenix Suns. If the Clips are to advance to the Finals, it will be based on their ability to beat the Phoenix Suns. Tonight will be a good test to see if they have what it takes to defeat the previously mentioned crowned kings of the NBA. If they can beat the Phoenix Suns, it will set up an amazing series against the Dallas Mavericks to decide the fate of this years’ NBA Western Conference finals. With a win against the defending champions Los Angeles Clippers the Clippers will eliminate the defending champ Los Angeles Lakers from the playoffs and take home another championship.


In the last three meetings between these two teams in the recent western conference finals the Los Angeles Lakers have been out played by the Phoenix Suns, out played in fact. However, the Clips seem to be getting the better of the play lately, especially at the defensive end. If the Clips can win this series, they will go into the finals as one of the favorites to win the title once again.

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