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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China University are a Chinese national low-cost, top-notch educational establishment based in Chengdu, Sichuan, and a National Research Institute direct under the Ministry of Education. This university offers numerous research centers all over China, including Institute of Materials Science and Technology (IMS Institute), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEET), and Institute of Communication Engineers (ICITC). Most of these centers are located in Shanghai and Beijing. In Shanghai, the university has the ZheJian campuses. The Shanghai campus is headed by Professor Yang Yonghong.

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Besides Shanghai, other important electronic science and communication engineering centers of excellence are underway in China. In Beijing, the first University founded by President Hu Jintao is the Beijing University of Technology. Other important centers include the Zheijang University, Xianwan University, Xintang University, and Dongfeng University. Some of the major Chinese universities are also in the process of developing their own departments in electronic science and technology.


Among all the Chinese electronic science and technology of excellence, perhaps the most renowned one is Beijing University of Technology. It is one of two national laboratories with distinction in computer science and applied physics. It was established in 2021 as an affiliated member of Zheijang University. In collaboration with Zheijang University, it conducts joint research programs with other international centers in various fields of electronic science and technology, such as materials science, biomedical science, and applied physics.


In the area of computer science, Beijing University of Technology is associated with the Institute of Information and Computer Technology. It also collaborates with Zheijang University and Kong University. In electronic engineering, they have been associated with the College of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The faculties of their electronic and electrical engineering departments are headed by Prof. Yang, and Dr. Dai. The entire school is affiliated to the Computing Research Institute.


Zhenan Engineering University is one of the prominent institutions in China. It is accredited by the Computing Council of India and has been carrying out research in information and communication technology for more than 30 years. Its main campus is located in Huangling City, which is in the Anhui Province. In its academic program, the students are given a special emphasis on the areas of electronic science and communications engineering.


Meanwhile, in the city of Jiaoling City, there are the Science and Technology Research Center of Jiaoling. It is accredited by the Central National University of Taiwan. In the field of microelectronics and integrated circuits, the center holds an Excellence in Education Award from UNESCO. It is a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Taiwan. The Jiaoling University has been carrying out studies in electronic and electrical engineering technology research centers for more than five decades.


The Science and Education Center of Southwest University in Yangshuo is another important center of electronic and electrical engineering. It is ranked first among the Chinese universities. It was founded in 1970. The SEED University offers programs in electronic and optoelectronic devices, microelectronic technology, nanotechnology, and solid state electronics. There are over 40 departments to pursue a degree in this eminent program. The major areas of study include biomedical applications, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, electronic materials science, analog and optical technologies, and signal processing technologies.


In all, there are numerous higher education establishments in electronic and information science in China. The topmost colleges are the universities of Jiaoling, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Tainjie. There are also associations of educational institutes and technical institutes including the Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Computer Science, National Education University, Xianji University, Kaifeng College, Zheijang University, and Renren University. Numerous technical colleges and vocational schools offer diploma courses in electronics technology.

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