X Technology Inc Introduces revolutionary New Product Line!!

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Aiming to provide consumers with the highest quality of hearing protection available, X Technology Inc. was founded in 1996 by three leaders who were concerned about the high number of accidents that occurred during traditional helmet wearing. These leaders understood that there was a need for an innovative solution to protect users while wearing helmets that were not only safe but highly effective in reducing head trauma. They strove to create the safest helmet available by combining advanced safety features with cutting edge technology that provides maximum protection to the wearer. Their first product, the Aim-System, has been successful in meeting their goal. The company now produces its own line of hearing protection equipment that includes the original Aim-System; plus a host of accessory products, including Bluetooth kits, ear guards, gel pads, expanded shape memory foam, and advanced inner liners.

Aim-System (aka shield-x decal) – The Aim-System is a full-face shield which enhances helmet performance during any type of crash. The Aim-System decal, designed for either helmets or padding, comes standard on all models and is an easy to apply decal that fits easily on any surface. Aim-System stickers are made of high-grade polyester and are UV resistant. The aim-system decals are designed to meet or exceed national safety standards. The outer texture and design of aim-system decals allow it to be easily cleaned with any water-based cleaning system.

Aim-System (shield-x technology) – Aim-System decals feature a revolutionary polyethylene design that reduces the amount of friction force generated when a crash occurs. The aim-system decal reduces the friction force generated during a crash significantly, which helps to eliminate most noise created during a collision. In addition to reducing the amount of friction force, the aim-system decals also dissipates heat in the surrounding air, which helps to eliminate most heat buildup. Aim-System’s unique design provides superb sound reduction and head sound control without sacrificing comfort or protection.

UTI Free (utility technology Inc.) – This shield-x technology inc exclusive decal system works to reduce pressure on the lower inside portion of your skull. UTI is often referred to as kidney stone because it can lead to painful urination. As an alternative to costly and invasive procedures, UTI free technology has been proven to be effective by millions of individuals all over the world. This innovative product helps to alleviate symptoms of painful urination while simultaneously decreasing pressure on your kidneys.

X technology (shield-x technology) – x technology is dedicated to making your life easier through innovative helmet products. For football teams and athletic wear manufacturers, or technology offers unique technology solutions designed to improve helmet safety and performance. Since concussions are a leading cause of death for youth athletes, it is important for youth football teams to invest in the best technology possible to reduce concussions and prevent traumatic brain injuries. A technology’s unique delectable polycarbonate shell and high-tech lining materials have helped to reduce concussions and help eliminate many risks to life and limb.

Zebra(TM) Technology – The Zebra(TM) technology was created by a prominent inventor who received the 2021 Breakthrough Award from the US Patent and Trademark Office. This revolutionary helmet technology is comprised of shatter resistant outer layers that provide up to two hundred times more crush resistance than other helmet systems. This superior protection against injury comes in the form of a shield that fits inside the helmet and rides on the inside edge. With its shatterproof technology, the Zebra TM deflects up to five hundred times more force than a normal helmet. The trademark look of this remarkable technology is shown on the Zebra decal set, which has become a popular choice among professional athletes.

Protected Protection System(PPS) – The Protected Protection System(PPS) is an excellent example of cutting edge technology that helps to reduce concussions and head injuries. The patented PPS liner material and air-bag design work together to provide unparalleled comfort and protection. In addition to the air bag, the PPS functions to dissipate impact noise, minimize heat buildup, and reduce the amount of time that a helmet needs to remain on the head in order to be protected. This innovation has proven extremely popular and has been incorporated into many different helmet systems.

Headaches – A major concern for many athletes and fans alike is the impact of repetitive, rapid and forceful head injuries. Head trauma can lead to many different types of headaches including tension headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, tennis elbow, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMD) and more. Current X-tech products offer effective solutions to these problems by reducing or eliminating the pain that results from constant exposure to extremely loud noises, repetitive twisting of the brain. Many sports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers swear by the ease of use and effectiveness of their products. In addition to reducing pain and preventing TMD, these innovative products are designed to eliminate a slew of potential long term health issues. These Headset products also offer extremely fast and easy adjustments depending on the severity of your condition, something that traditional helmets simply cannot match.

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