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Hello, and welcome to wicket-match review of the West Indies Vs Australia live T20I game from St Lucia. West Indies has dominated cricket in the past two T20Is and is looking to take the series against Australia in the third T20I on Friday. This is a three-day tournament, with a finish somewhere in the region of twenty-five days. It is an all-out affair, with the matches being played on an over ground field at St Lucia, which has been a popular choice because of its perfect conditions for cricket.


The first half hour was fairly uneventful with only a couple of overs being bowled by West Indies. However, in the last ten overs, Australia came to life and really threatened to take the lead. The bat pressure was intense, and it looked like Australia had run out of chances. But the final burst from the West Indies side put the Aussies under pressure and they were eventually pulled ahead by a superb bowling performance from Chris Tremlett. Chris Tremlett took seven wickets in this overs and bowled wonderfully throughout the match. He finished with 7 ducks and also took one great wicket to finish off the West Indies side.


This was a thrilling and competitive match that saw the two sides go at it like bulls. Both teams put in valuable efforts and it took a brilliant finish to seal victory for the West Indies. As the match went on, the Aussies seemed to be out of breathe and unable to fight back any longer. The West Indies team was shocked by this turn of events. In fact, after lunch, I was talking to an Aussies who thought the West Indies had been outclassed.


Well, as things stand right now, I guess Australia has to win the T20 tournament to stay alive in the competition. It is hard to say whether Australia will go on to win the world cup or not. But you can be sure that both teams will go to the world cup and there is no doubt that the West Indies can go on to win the championship. But this is the thing: we all want to see a West Indies team win the world cup and I believe if the Aussies go into the tournament with a big lead, they can be caught by the West Indies and give them a run for their money.


For those of you who are watching this article live, you might have noticed the commentary team talking about how Australia has improved since last year’s world cup. Well, there is more than just talk going on about this improvement. There is actual proof. This is because they actually went to the school and did a practice session with the school cricket team last week and it was amazing to see what exactly the players can do. It appears that the players know exactly what it takes to win a cricket world cup and Australia seems to have improved greatly since last year’s edition when they were easily knocked out in the quarter finals.


You can read more about the quarter-finals game and the other matches that took place between the two teams in this article. In the meantime, you can still access the live streaming details and you can watch the game on our dedicated channel. You can even tune in to the ABS TV network coverage online. If you live in Australia, you need not worry as there are several channels to choose from. You can always go to our website and find out which channel to subscribe to.


This year’s tournament between West Indies and Australia in West Indies is going to be exciting. Most people expect Australia to win the entire tournament easily. However, this does not mean that Australia will win every game. It is not as easy as winning all the games. You need to have a good strategy to win the game and the team has certainly improved since their defeat in the previous editions of the world cup. The team has certainly improved by leaps and bounds since last year’s world cup, where they lost in the quarter finals.


There are many teams to qualify for the Cricket World Cup. You can try to qualify yourself. You might even be one of those lucky ones to get a call from your national coach to say that they are preparing for the tournament. If you do qualify then you will be playing against some of the best cricketers in the world including New Zealanders, England, and Australia. I’m sure it will be an exciting experience.

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