Image Holi Bridal Wears Tips

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Image Holi Bridal Wears Tips

Holi is a celebration of love and colors and is celebrated with much of India and Pakistan in the month of March. Holi has been associated with the concept of love in India as well as in many other cultures across the world. In fact, Holi is one of the few festivals that is not only about colors but also about the concept of love. If you are one who does not observe this festival, then you are missing out on an important part of India’s rich history.

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Holi is the traditional Indian color of love and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in various parts of India. The best places where you can celebrate holi include the colorful paddy fields in the north, the majestic red areas and the mesmerizing multi-colored sweets. To get a true image of help, you should visit the places mentioned above along with a group of your friends and take some delicious holi photos. The picture of a happy bride walking on the white sand beaches in the colors of love is perhaps the most famous image of holi.


If you want to make your loved one feel that he/she is the center of attention, Holi is the right choice. This is because the colors associated with holi and love are red, pink and yellow. There is also a rare sight of orange Holi because of the occasion. Holi usually falls on the fourth day of the Hindu month Shravan and so this is also the correct time to celebrate this festivity.


When it comes to preparing for Holi, there are two things that we should remember. The first thing is that you should get all the decorations done before the festival. Even the minor activities such as the puja processions and the ceremony should be done at least four days before the actual wedding. The color schemes and the designs that you select for the decorations will greatly depend on your relationship with your bride. It might be a good idea to sit together and plan the whole out so that it reflects your true feelings for her.


The second thing that we need to keep in mind is that we should take our bride’s favorite colors into consideration. If you are planning a themed wedding, you can also incorporate the same theme into the decorations. You can buy paper plates, tablecloths and napkins with the same theme as the color of the day. Or you can buy small potted plants with flowers that represent the colors of the season.


If your wedding will be held on the first or the second days of the new month, you can decorate the venue like in the previous days of Holi. The only difference would be that there will be less of pink and red as compared to the other days. The colors associated with this season are green, blue and gold.


The best way to decorate for the image holi is to use fresh flowers. Use silk cloths to wrap them around the trellis or tallow bushes. For the reception venue, choose an Aabadi wedding saree in a rich red color. It is the most suitable attire for the bride. The groom can also wear a sari with rich embroidery to match the bridal saree.


The traditional outfit used by the bride and the groom on the other days of the Hindu calendar is completely different. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, they can wear the Ashtanga-Choli or a Saree made of pure white silk and gold. This is probably the best suited outfit for the images of holi for both bride and groom. Even the bridal accessories need not be dull. Try a beautifully designed Kundan set that comes loaded with rhinestones.

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