Holi Package Ideas Using Vida Colors

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Holi Package Ideas Using Vida Colors

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The year is drawing to a close and Image Holi is fast approaching with the change in seasons. Holi, which is a part of the Indian festive calendar, is a time of love, happiness and love all around the world. This beautiful and vibrant Indian festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal by Hindus from all over the country. In fact, one of the main reasons for Holi being celebrated with such grand and wonderful pomp and show thanks to the impact that the art of visual arts had on this beautiful Indian time.


Visual images of love and other special occasions have been in vogue since the time immemorial. They are usually portrayed in the form of a painting or some other artwork. However, it is only in the recent past that people are beginning to give proper importance to visual images. Holi, especially the pre-Vijay period when it was called “the season of colors” was the first time when the popularity of paintings and other visual images shot beyond the traditional confines of India.


Paintings made by the Indus Valley Civilisation artists during the fifth to fifth centuries BC have been discovered and preserved. It is through these paintings that we can trace the evolution of art and color from the ancient to the modern times. One of the most striking features of the paintings and other visual images of holi that can be found all across the country are bright red color. This bright red color, which is exclusive to the Holi paints was actually the color of love.


Since the time of its inception, the colors red have been symbolic of love, affection and happiness. Red is the color of happiness and love in every festival celebrated by the Hindus. Holi is no exception to this rule. The bright colors of red that is being used on the decorated tables and other accessories give us a clear indication that the celebration is about love and happiness. It is this very aspect of holi that has led to an increase in its votive offerings and devotees all over the world.


Red is the color of love and its importance can be seen in almost every item that is being used on the table during the Holi celebration. For example, red dye for Vida, the red symbol of love, is used in abundance while sweets coated with red color are used for imparting happiness to the friends and loved ones. The other popular item that is decorated with red color is the red dot known as “Holi”. The Vida is placed on top of the sweet that is eaten as a delicious symbol of happiness in this particular part of the year.


Since the main focus of the image resolution process is on Vida, we can safely say that it is one of the most important aspects of Holi. The Vida is considered to be a small pillar representing the Indian religion and is considered to be very significant. This is because it is believed that the guest will be blessed by holding the hand of the Goddess of love, Vida. There are many images and icons that are associated with Vida. These include, a small bird with a basket containing fruits and water. Another icon that is very close to Vida is the lily, which is a symbol of beauty, grace and femininity.


When it comes to the colors of Holi, most people prefer to use colors that are of Vida. Although other colors such as orange and green are also used, but it would seem that Vida colors are more preferred by the majority of devotees. As a matter of fact, using Vida colors in an image resolution process is considered to be very auspicious. For this reason, red, maroon and orange colors are often used when preparing an image Holi package.


One important thing to note when using Vida colors in an image resolution process is that they must be used with care and caution. This is because these colors are believed to bring goodness and happiness to the eyes of the viewers. They are also said to be the colors that are associated with purity, love, power and success. So it is advisable not to overuse or abuse these colors. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that you use only these colors range for your Holi packages.

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