Gift Ideas for an Image Holi

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Gift Ideas for an Image Holi

“Image holi”, the celebration of the ultimate love: a bride adorned with flowers, sweets and gifts, is on the fast-track for becoming the most awaited event of the New Year. It is predicted to be the most joyous occasion in the Indian subcontinent where the people and the rulers exchange presents and renew bonds. The event will be the synonym for “connecting” or “celebrating”. And, to do that, the Image of holi must be perfectly captured and managed to bring the required magic into the hearts of the loved ones. Here are some tips on how to make your loved one’s image more splendid.

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The right choice of the flower: While selecting a flower for an image of holi, it is essential that you choose a flower of your choice and that too, the same flower that has been chosen by the bride in her year of festivity. This will add the perfect touch to the day. Your gift, therefore, must be in the same genre as the flower selection. In order to get a glimpse of various flower types and their colours, the Internet is the best place to go for.


Choosing the right gifts: You can choose from different kinds of flowers and each variety in their own way. This will make the day truly unique and special for your loved one. For instance, your gift can be anything from candles to fresh flowers to picture frames to potted plants to jewelry and the likes. However, you should keep in mind that flowers are the best gift to give on this auspicious day.


Image of Holi bouquets: While choosing the flowers, remember that each bouquet must represent your love and sentiments. The flowers must be placed in such a manner so as to reach the person who receives your gift. This is because the gifting of flowers has always been the custom in most of the religions. Similarly, the same holds true for this special day. There are various types of flowers that can be gifted along with the bouquet.


Flowers and cards: These are the two items which form the bulk of the gifts for the Image Holi. However, you can also gift a simple card that shows the recipient’s name and the occasion of the day. This makes the card look very beautiful. It can also be accompanied by flowers of different varieties. For example, if you gift an arrangement of red roses with a card for “My Love,” it will be a very sweet touch to the card.


Gifts to be given to different recipients: The gifts to be given to different recipients on this occasion vary. Depending upon the likes and dislikes of different people, you can choose from a range of beautiful gifts. For example, some people like cakes and candies and others like to have nice collections of flower arrangements. Thus, the gifts to be given to different people need to be carefully chosen. It is advisable to choose gifts according to the taste of the person. In fact, most of the parents like gifts that are useful for their children, and the same goes with the lovers.


Flower arrangements: Among the various gifts for Image Holi, flower arrangements are the ones which are very popular. In fact, they are the most preferred ones. It can be given in a variety of styles – simple, intricate and even funny. There are varieties of flower arrangements available in the market. You can choose from arrangements which depict the different tastes of the people.


Different types of gift ideas: For the gift giver, it is always better to go with gifts that are a bit different. This way, the recipient will not get the same present every time. Thus, it is necessary to choose the gifts very carefully. A gift should be chosen with careful planning and then placed on the occasion of an Image Holi so as to make it memorable.

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