An Image Holi Celebration to Celebrate Love

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An Image Holi Celebration to Celebrate Love

Image Holi is a unique celebration of love and bliss. It is a day set apart to celebrate love and a brand new year. The main objective of this day is to get connected with loved ones through different activities and spread happiness. Holi was traditionally celebrated in the 8th century BC on the Indus Valley Civilization. This was the beginning of the practice of Diwali which we commemorate today.

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Many civilizations around the world have associated their festivals with colors and various natural symbols. In India, however, it is considered as a religious festival. Images of love and peace, images of rivers, trees, flowers, fruits and holy persons are all used to decorate the place. During this celebration people visit different places and enjoy different kinds of entertainment. It is the ideal time to share and spend intimate moments with your beloved.


Images of fruits and love are common all across the country. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this day evokes so much emotion in people. If you have a penchant for eating colorful and delicious fruits then you should not miss this chance. You can also give gifts of ghee, yoghurt or other creamy milks and candies which are preferred by most people.


If you love or are fond of sweets then you should make sure you shop for sweets at this special occasion. Your loved ones will really be delighted to receive gifts of chocolate and other goodies. It is advisable that you buy several packets of dry fruits, cookies, cakes and pastries to send to your friends and relatives. You can add images of happy hour to these snacks. You can also choose images of Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi, images of birds, elephants, and many more to send to your friends.


You can decorate your house in all the different hues to celebrate the day. Since colors of Holi are bright and vibrant, it is a good idea to use colors that your family members can relate with. Try painting rooms, hanging tapestries and pictures on the walls to give a totally unique look. You can also put up colored candles and incense sticks to excite the senses. These images will definitely be appreciated by all your guests.


This celebration is a great time to share your love with your near and dear ones. You can invite your friends over to your place and make them sit together as a family to share wonderful moments. You can even make images of your love, devotion and care to spread around. People of all ages, religions and cultures will truly enjoy and be moved by this beautiful display of love and affection.


The day is filled with fun and laughter with lots of games and fun and there is even a part of dance which is taken very seriously. In the morning the celebrations will begin with the puja done in the temple. Then you can attend any of the functions that are organized for the day and give offerings to your loved ones. If you are unable to join in the festivities, you can watch live videos of them on your television set or on the Internet to enjoy this special day in your own home.


The best part of the entire day is that you can capture and save images of the beautiful colors, images of the lovely people and of the delicious foods that are served during the celebration. You can also add music and sounds of nature to the video so that you enjoy and remember this wonderful celebration. Images of the different colors, varieties of fruits, different seasons, exotic animals, beautifully adorned places and people, exotic places that are located near your home will surely make you happy. You can even have a special dinner or some desert created especially for this occasion to make the images look more beautiful. So indulge into this beautiful and easy to follow Image Holi celebration right from the 1st of November and save it in your memory bank for years to come.

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